We are Baltimore exterminators who bring years of experience and expertise to our Baltimore bed bug extermination services. The mainstays of our treatment are pesticides with residuals, organic dusts, and growth regulators. All three types of treatment begin working immediately and remain active for up to 3 months or more. Anti-bed bug heat treatments and foggers are effective one time kills against bed bugs, but they lack residual effects and therefore we do not use them. We do use bed bug sniffing dogs for larger assignments, but find they are not cost effective for small living spaces. For more information or to order treatment call our office at 410-764-PEST.

Our standard insect control package is $125. Contact the office, at 410-764-PEST, to get a quote for our bed bug eradication plan.



We make a complete inspection of every room in the house.


We treat the entire home with special attention to the bedrooms.


We apply concentrated insecticide to all mattresses and box-springs in the house.


We offer prompt re-treatment if needed.


Thermal radiant, steam heat and instant freezing treatments are popular amonng many pest control companies, however we do not use them because they don’t offer resideual effects. When it comes to bed bugs, you need a treatment that keeps working after there are no signs of an infestation.

  • We favor approved bug sprays that kill bed bugs and have residual effects.
  • We use organic dust (diatomaceous earth), which is a fine white powder consisting of ground up bits of fossilized phytoplankton that intercalates between parts of the insect exoskeleton and slices it to pieces when it tries to move.
  • We use insect growth regulators (IGR’s). Insect grown regulators work by limiting bug egg production, inhibiting nymph maturation, and reducing reproduction. They are long time control agents. We add them to our pesticide treatment to increase the residual effectiveness of the application.
  • For large buildings we recommend using a bed bug sniffing dog to locate the specific areas of the infestation and avoid having to treat the whole building. A thorough bed bug sniffing dog search costs $300. When the dog detects a bug, but no bug is found, it makes sense to set up traps and look for evidence of a live infestation.

The best practice to prevent a bed bug infestation is to carefully inspect any second hand item before bringing it into your home. This includes second hand clothes, second hand furniture, library books taken from a public library, etc.