America Still Battling With a Bedbug Infestation

Baltimore Bedbug Control

3 Bedbugs Sit on a Human Finger

We must recognize, reports Dovid David, a Baltimore pest control expert and Director of A # 1 Pest Control that we are suffering from an epidemic infestation of bedbugs, so severe that they are now being encountered in taxis, in the public bus system, in summer camps, and throughout the country. While bedbug bites don’t itch or cause pain, they are recognizable as bumps all over the body, which occur on a nightly basis. It is possible to differentiate between a bedbug bite and a spider bite by close examination of the bump. Spider bites have two little holes. Mosquitoes leave a red bump with no holes, but are accompanied by pain and itching. But bedbugs leave a mark without holes, pain or itching. Dovid Davis advises that if anyone finds that he has bites over his body for 1,2,3 or 4 nights running, he should first look for evidence of a spider bite. If he doesn’t find any spiders, and the bumps do not have two holes, and he is not suffering from the pain and itching, he should think of bedbugs. Another sign of bedbugs are little tiny droplets of blood on the sheets. If there are body bites on the upper torso,then smears of blood may be found on the upper sheet. If the bites were in the lower part of the body, then expect smears of blood on the lower sheets. Bedbug bites frequently go unnoticed for some time, because of the lack of pain and itching. According to Davis, some people don’t realize they have an infestation until a neighbor tells them in casual conversation that bed bugs have been found in the neighborhood. He subsequently checks himself, and finds the bite marks. While bed bug infestation is not deadly, it is annoying, and can lead to allergic reactions. Bedbugs spread rapidly, as well.They breed ferociously, and sometimes, at night, you will feel them crawling on you, which make it hard to sleep. If you suspect that your house is infected with bedbugs, it is best to call a pest specialist. A trained specialist will do a thorough check of your home to locate the sources of the infestation, and will apply the proper treatment, and especially to the bedroom areas. A # 1 Pest Control has a program specifically designed to irradiate your house of these pests. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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