Bed Bug Extermination

In the modern vernacular, bed bug extermination has come to have the same meaning as bed bug eradication, and bed bug control. With respect to its historical roots, however, bed bug extermination has its own unique emphasis. As we shall see, it is most particularly related to steps we take keeping bed bugs out of our living environment.

Exterminate originally meant to drive away and comes from the Latin exterminatus, the past participle of exterminare “drive out, expel, drive beyond boundaries. The word breaks down into the two Latin words ex and termine from ex meaning “out of” and termine the ablative of termen “boundary, limit, end”

In practical terms, once bed bugs have entered the home, the only alternative is to kill them with thorough pest eradication. There is no magical pied piper who can successfully drive bed bugs out of the home. However, if you are a homeowner, there are steps you can take to prevent them from entering your house in the first place.

Bed bugs generally enter homes by hitching a ride on clothes, bedding, used furniture, or other type of fabric or cloth object, such as a suitcase, that has been in the public sector. But their means of conveyance are not limited to these objects.  For example, bed bugs have been known to enter a home hidden within  the pages of a library book. Between blood meals, bed bugs are so thin they can fit into almost any object they have access to , so if you are truly diligent about protecting your home from bed bugs, yo have to inspect almost any object that has been exposed to the public, including your own clothes and suitcases.

A review of recent articles about the spread of bed bugs does reveal a general pattern of public spread. Bed bugs will frequently leave a contaminated home on the clothes of an occupant, and then drop off that person in a public sector. Bed bugs traveling this way have been found in libraries, hospitals, fire houses, buses, airplanes, and just about any public area where people sit and congregate. If not detected, they can subsequently latch on to the clothing of another person and thereby enter his home. It only takes one pregnant female to infest a dwelling,  so this can be a very successful form of spread for bed bugs.

In addition to spread via clothing, bed bugs often enter new homes via used furniture, rugs or any second hand item. Bed bugs also are found in public places such as hotels and camps. They like to attach to used clothes and suitcases. People who have been in public places like these need to inspect their luggage and clothing very carefully when returning home.  All clothes which has just returned from a trip to a public place can be rendered bed bug free by placing them in the dryer for 10 minutes at high temperature. This will kill any bed bugs.

If you are going on a trip and  will be staying in a public hotel, you can find out if there are any reports of bed bugs sightings in that hotel by searching on the Bed Bug Registry By following the inspection procedures outlined in this article, you can successfully keep the borders of your domicile bed bug free.





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