Bed Bug Found in a Chair at a Public Library

bwd bugs found in public library

bed bug was recently spotted in a chair at a public library in Fairfield, Connecticut. The incident is a reminder that you need to be mindful about bed bugs when you are visiting public places. Public libraries are especially appropriate venues  for bed bug transmission as people from all walks of life use the building and generally sit for long intervals of time. The bugs can ride in on someone’s clothes and then hop off when the carrier sits down, only to latch onto another person’s clothing later on.

If the hitchhiking bed bug is a pregnant female, then the home of the new host can become infested within weeks. Anyone visiting a public library should inspect the chair they are planning to sit in, the table area they are about to use, and the nearby floor. Bed bugs can also crawl between the pages of a book and enter homes that way, so it makes sense to inspect each book, even shake it out briefly before taking it with you. A little care when visiting a public place can prevent a costly extermination problem later on.

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