Electronic Versus Natural Pest Control

Effectiveness of Electronic Versus Natural Pest Control

Getting rid of pests like; ants, spiders, house flies, rats, termites, mosquitoes, bees and scorpions in and around the home is something everyone has to deal with. Though not all pests are poisonous,  many of them produce pain and some sort of allergic reaction when they bite. Rodents, on the other hand,  do not have a poisonous bite but can transmite several deadly viruses. You can use natural or electronic pest control to get rid of pests in your home. Here are some criteria yoiu can use to help you decide which method will be more effective for you.

Electronic Pest Control

There are two types of electronic pest control, those that use ultrasonic sound waves, and those that use electromagnetic fields. Neither of these systems cause any harm to humans and are threfore completely safe to use.

  • Ultrasonic Sound Waves – This system emits ultrasonic sound waves that only insects and rodents can hear. The sound irritates the pests and keeps them away from your home.

  • Electromagnetic Field – This system uses electrical wires to send a signal at a  frequency that irritates  pests and thereby keeps them away from the home.

The sound waves and the electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic pest control systems not only produce irritating sounds  but they  also inflict pain causing rodents to flee from the area.

Benefits of Electronic Pest Control

Lets look at the special benefits that electronic pest control systems offer. Eradicating pests with electronic pest control is much more humane that killing them with poison or traps. With electronic pest control, the animals are repelled rather than killed and there;s no need to dispose of dead insects, rodents and other pests.

With electronic pest control, there are no harsh chemicals  introduced into the environment.  The systems are compact and portable. They are easy to use in homes and farms, and are safer for humans and the environment.

Effectiveness of Electronic Pest Control

While scientific data has not yet established the absolute efficacy of electronic pest control, numerous case studies have shown it is both safe and effective,. Ultrasonic repellents work especially well in confined spaces, like a room; however, any other noises in the area can block out the ultrasonic sound waves. This decreases the treatments efficacy. Some studies have shown that whereas electronic pest control initially prevents rodents from entering the home, it may later fail as the rodents become acclimated to the signal. Newer units that vary their frequency at irregular intervals have proven to be more effective as the rodents cannot get accustomed to the sound. If you are planning to use electronic pest control in your home, considering purchasing this type of unit, as they have been shown to be more effective.

Ultrasonic pest repellents are user-friendly and non-toxic ways of getting rid of pests in and around the home. Though they cannot be used to repel all insects and pests, they are considered to be a handy pest control system to use in the home.

Electronic Versus Natural Pest Control

Using electronic pest control eliminates the need to find new ways  to get rid of insects, it does away with the need to prepare a solution for spraying in your home or garden, and it removes worry about whether your pest control is environmentally friendly. Electronic pest control is a safe and effective way of getting rid of insects, rodents, snakes and other pests in and around the home.

John Thurston is  the owner of Total Pest Management and a content writer by profession. Pest control, pest management and home pest control are his topics of interest.