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Hello, this is Boruch Fishman and welcome to another episode of “Day in the Life of Dovid Davis Pest Specialist. Here we are in late June, right now, which as you all know is the insect season, and today we’re going to be talking to Dovid about general pesticide treatment of insects.

Boruch:  Dovid, we were chatting a little before the start of the interview and you were telling me that there’s a general pesticide treatment that you use when you’re called to the house to treat insect infestations. You want to explain to me first which insects you are treating, and how does the treatment work.

Dovid: Generally you want to keep in mind that the suffix “icide” means to kill, and so whether you’re primarily talking about an insecticide or pesticide the mode of action is basically the same, meaning you’re going to be using what is most commonly known as an emulsifier concentrate, an EC, which you’re going to be mixing with water, usually one ounce of insecticide to a gallon of water. And you’re going to be applying that in a course spray, which is a fan spray, which gives you a very wide berth, or pinpoint application, which is a very small thin stream. And basically, any insect that crawls through or around that particular barrier will pick up the insecticide on its legs, on its sides, and in the pores of their feet; and it will be absorbed into their skeleton and it will kill them.

Normally, a general insecticide is going to be almost odorless. It will be effective against spiders, ants, centipedes, stink bugs, crickets, millipedes, bedbugs, and basically all the insects that are crawling.  Now, with some of these insects you want to be more specific about where you make your application. If you are offering preventative service, than you want to apply insecticides heavily on the outside of the building, the outside exterior of the building. If you are going to be doing something that’s targeted to an active German cockroachinfestation, for example, than you want to apply that to the inside of the building, inside your cabinets, inside your drawers, and places like that.

Now, this is the first day of summer, and a lot of these insects will be escaping the warm weather of summer and they will tend to come in, so now is an excellent time to apply and an early summer insect treatment and it should last you for the rest of the summer.

Boruch: Is that right, one treatment, now, should cover householders for the rest of the summer?

Dovid: If it’s a mild insect proliferation, one treatment now should last you through the end or the middle of August. If you want to do something which is preventative all year around than you want to make that first application at the beginning of April, and an application now would, in essence, be your second application.

Boruch: Now let me ask you, if someone who is a condominium owner or renter has insects and he calls you do you also spray around the entire condominium building or just in his one apartment.

Dovid: I simply treat that particular unit. And I will eliminate all theinvading  bugs pertaining to that particular unit. Now people often use the strategy, saying that “my neighbors got pest treatment and now the roaches will come through the walls, and so I should get free treatment paid by them or by the condominium management.” But rarely do you have the situation where cockroaches go through the wall, and the rest of the building will have to play catch-up to you.

Boruch: Okay. Now, Dovid, what insects does this treatment not cover.

Dovid: It would not be sufficient to eradicate bedbugs. Now there’s a difference in terms of treatment application. Most treatment applications are for pest control, they want to control the pests that are bothering them. Now if you go into pest elimination, that requires more chemicals and more work and more money. Now when you are dealing with bedbugs, there is no real remedy in bedbug control. You don’t want bedbug control, you want bedbug elimination. It’s a lot more work and requires stronger chemicals.

Boruch: Okay. All right folks. You’ve just heard about it from Dovid. Now is the time to get an insecticide treatment. One treatment now, and you will be insect free for the whole summer.

Dovid: And anyone who clicks on a link from a website with this podcast, can get the entire treatment for only $99.00. I am running a $99 special if they say they saw it on your blog.

Boruch:  Okay folks, you’ve heard it from Dovid, if you heard about this special on my blog, you can get be pest free all summer for only $99.00. We’ll that’s it for another episode of “Day in the Life of Dovid Davis Pest Specialist.” I’m Boruch Fishman, have a pest free day.