Why A # 1 Control Eschews Bed Bug Heat Treatments.

Every pest control company has its own unique ideology and method for treating bed bugs. Dovid Davis, a Baltimore exterminator and founder of A # 1 Pest Control, a Baltimore pest control company, has definite opinions and expresses his bed bug control reasoning in a very intriguing way.

Dovid stresses in numerous ways that his company focuses on treating with pesticides that have residual effects. This means that a single bed bug treatment will take effect for up to 90 days or more when combined with high temperature washing and drying of clothing and bedding plus diligent household cleaning.

Anti-bed bug heat treatments and foggers are effective one time kills; however, A # 1 Pest Control believes in treatments with residuals, so the pest control company’s Baltimore branch does not use these other treatments. However, when they are asked to treat a small area such as a single room or small apartment, they will exterminate in the whole area and save the expense of a bed bug sniffing dog.

A # 1 Pest Control offers additional treatments as needed and works to acheive customer satisfaction. For more information about their skillful bed bug control, call the company at 410-764-PEST and check the bed bugs that have invaded your home.

I hope you appreciate that A # 1 Pest Control respects the various options for treating bed bugs. While A # 1 Pest Control dosen’t use heat treatments or foggers they don’t do so because of ineptness. The company also demonstrates a even as opposed to an all or nothing approach to using bed bug sniffing dogs. First and foremost, Essentially, the director prefers using the strongest available pesticides, and to treat with residuals so that his treatment will retain their effectiveness for as long as possible. In short, by selecting A # 1 Pest Control for your personal pest eradication needs, you will be certain that you are getting a treatment based on sound intellectual principles

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