Recommended Bed Bug Treatment Strategy

Our Thoughts About Bed Bug Treatment Strategy

Director of A # 1 Pest Control in BaltimoreNo two pest control companies have the same reasoning when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. Dovid Davis, an exterminator and founder of A # 1 Pest Control, a Baltimore extermination company, is a very opinionated and outspoken individual and expresses his personal bed bug extermination theory in a most engrossing way.

Dovid stresses in ever so many ways that his company focuses on treating with pesticides that have killing effects that extend beyond the end of the treatment. This means the initial bed bug treatment will take effect for up to 90 days and even longer when combined with high temperature washing and drying of clothing and bedding plus conscientious household cleaning.


Anti-bed bug heat treatments and foggers are efficacious one time kills; however, A # 1 Pest Control believes in treatments with residuals, so the pest control company’s Baltimore branch does not use the one-time kill treatments. However, when they are asked to treat a small space such as a single room or small apartment, they will exterminate¬† the whole area and save the expense of using a bed bug sniffing dog.

First time bed bug treatments often clear up the problem completely, but if not the company will provide follow up treatments as needed. If you live in the Baltimore area and need bed bug service, give the company a call at 410-764-7500.

I think you can tell already that director Dovid Davis has something to say about every type of bed bug treatment. While A # 1 Pest Control doesn’t use heat treatments or foggers they don’t do so because of ineptness. The company also demonstrates a balanced rather than an all or nothing approach to employing bed bug sniffing dogs. Importantly, the company is committed to using the most powerful professional strength pest control chemicals available. In short, by selecting A # 1 Pest Control for your personal extermination needs, you will be certain that you are getting a treatment based on sound intellectual principles.

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